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The Charmed One

Paige Matthews
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Name Paige Matthews
Fandom Charmed
Age Approx 26 years old
Appearence Long dark hair (generally, she also sometimes changes it to red or blonde), brown eyes, 5 feet 5" tall, slim, attractive. She could in theory make herself look like anyone, but if I ever decide she'd do that it will be posted about well in advance.

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Background Paige was given up at birth owing to her being the child of a witch and whitelighter, a relation that was forbidden by The Elders, she was adopted by the Matthews (her adoptive parents are never given names in canon) and was their only child. As a teenager she rebelled, cut classes, drank alcohol, smoked etc. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 17 and she was only saved by her whitelighter ability to orb, although she didn't know this until Leo (the whitelighter of her and her sisters) took her back in time to see what had happened. At the age of 25 Paige discovered she was a witch after Prue (the oldest of the Charmed Ones) died, thus breaking the Power of Three. She also discovered she had two half sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. At the time Paige struggled with the knowledge of what she was, but quickly got used to it an embraced both her new family and her powers becoming a very talented witch. She is the youngest of the Charmed Ones

Personality Paige is quite a complex woman, she is very strong, brave and the probably one of the more together Charmed Ones, thanks to her unshakable optimism, but she’s also quite vulnerable thanks to being given up at birth and the desire to find somewhere she belongs and someone she belongs with, which thanks to being a witch is very difficult. She’s flirty, fun loving and a free sprit, but can also be a little dorky (particularly in the early days). She’s good at problem solving, often using less obvious methods than most people but still with positive results. She’s also well organised, confident and sometimes a little overprotective, as whitelighters are guardian angels and the Charmed Ones whole reason for being is to protect innocents

Powers All the Charmed Ones powers are contected to their emotions

Orbing - This is a form of teleporting which involves her being surrounding a light blue haze or light (known as orbs) and disappearing before reappearing where she wants to be. She can take other people with she orbs and this is one of her whitelighter powers. Triggered by fear.

Telekenetic Orbing - Prue was a telekenetic, as Paige was her replacement she also has this power, but as she's part whitelighter this power works slightly differently. She 'calls' items to her by saying their name (or even just describing what they are if she doesn't know) the item will then disappear in blue orbs and reappear in her hands. The trigger for this is never mentioned.

Glamouring - This is also a whitelighter power, meaning she can change her appearance at will, it is very unlikely this power will be used though as in canon to has only been shown twice.

Paige can also write and cast spells, brew potions and scry, like any witch.

Charmed Specific Words

Charmed Ones - The Charmed Ones are the most powerful witches in their world, prophecised by Melinda Warren just before she was killed. They are three sisters, each with one of Melinda's powers, telekensis, premonitions and the power to freeze things. Their purpose is to keep the balance between good and evil in the world and to protect inocents for demons and other evil creatures.

The Power of Three - The Charmed Ones' powers are strongest when they work together, this is the Power of Three

Whitelighter - Magical guardian angels assigned by The Elders to keep an eye on witches and future whitelighters by guiding them and keeping them safe.

The Elders - Those in charge of whitelighters, generally speaking they're good, but like petty rules and generally don't really know what's best. They like to try to control the lifes of those under their guidance (eg they try to forbid Piper and Leo from marrying as a whitelighter/witch relationship is forbidden.

This is an RP journal created I don't own anything to do with Charmed, Paige Matthews, nor Rose McGowan and I ain't making a penny from this